Mainstream News:

CTV News - News From Across Canada

Global News - News From Across Canada

Globe and Mail - Canada's Oldest Newspaper

Toronto Star - Canada's Largest Newspaper

Toronto Sun - Our Favourite Mainstream Newspaper

National Post - Our Second Favourite Mainstream Newspaper

The Financial Post - Canadian Financial News and Commentary

The Huffington Post Canada - Great Source of News and Opinion

The Daily Mail - News from the UK and around the world - Great site for Canadian political news and commentary

QPbriefing - Canadian political news

The Hill Times - Canadian political news

National Newswatch - A Collection of Canadian News From Various Sources

Alternative News:

Town Hall - Conservative news from America

The Post Millennial - Great source for Canadian news

Rare - America's news feed

The Daily Caller - US news and commentary

Reason Magazine - Great Website For Libertarian Commentary

Lew Rockwell - Ron Paul Starts His Day With The Website... and You Should Too

World Net Daily - A Free Press For The The People

The Anti-Media - Bringing Citizen Journalism to The Forefront of The Media

Full Report - A Collection of Canadian news sources


Liberty Rules - Libertarian Blog Based in Barrie, Ontario - He's on your side

Poletical - Polemics and politics in a polarized world

The Iceman - The Political Thoughts and Opinions of a Canadian Libertarian Economist

Small Dead Animals - The Roadkill Diaries

The Bright Libertarian - Blog Postings From The Leader of The Ontario Libertarian Party

Exposing Faux Capitalism - Great Local Blog, Check Out His Online Radio Show Too

American Thinker - Blog Covering Various Topics

Other Podcasts:

The Tom Woods Show - Ripping Up The Index Card of Allowable Opinion

Part Of The Problem - Commentary on American news

The Rubin Report - The talk show about big ideas and free speech

The Reason Podcast - From Reason magazine

The Ron Paul Liberty Report - Every weekday at 12 noon

Words And Numbers - From the foundation for economic education (FEE)

The FEE Cast - From the foundation for economic education (FEE)

Liberty Rules Radio - Canadian Podcast Based in Barrie, Ontario

Peter Schiff Show - Focuses mainly on money

Free Talk Live - A Nightly Libertarian Radio Show Broadcast On Over 150 Radio Stations

Liberty Radio Network - Liberty Minded Programming 24/7

The Anarchast - Your Home For Anarchy On The Internet

We Are Libertarians - News and Views Aimed At The Millennial Generation

The Jason Stapleton Program - The Truth: Unfiltered and Unashamed

Freedom Free For All - Weekly TV Webcast Show From Victoria, BC

The Joe Rogan Experience - Not libertarian, but some very interesting discussions

Under The Influence - Fascinating show about the world of advertising and marketing

Political Paradox's Favourite Sites:

Reason Magazine - Free minds and free markets

Foundation For Economic Education - One of the BEST free market resources out there

Learn Liberty - Videos on almost political topic you can think of

The American Enterprise Institute - Free market think tank

What's Up With That? - The World's Most Viewed Site on Global Warming And Climate Change

Climate Depot - A Project of CFACT

Ontario Libertarian Party - The Party of Choice

The Fraser Institute - Canada's Libertarian Think Tank

FactsCan - Fact Checking Quotes From Canadian Politicians

Also Recommended:

Wolter's World - Honest travel advice

All Music Guide - Fantastic Music Site

Kijiji - An excellent online classified site. I've bought and sold a few things on here... it works.

SportsNet - Sports News From Canada... And Beyond

Digital Home - Discussion Forum About Canadian Broadcasting - Great Science, Physics and Space News Site

Mental Floss - Great Site For Fun Facts and Random Thoughts

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