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EP 115 - Electoral Reform, The Olympics, The Conners

November 19th, 2018

This Week: Calgary residents say NO to bidding on the Olympics, and I say YES to that decision. Then, are you ready for another Trump-Hillary battle in 2020? Some say, it's a very real possibility. Plus, How is Rosanne's show doing without her? We have the numbers, and they're not good.

Articles And Links Mentioned:

Article: Ontario PC Party passes resolution to not recognize gender identity

Article: Calgary votes ‘no’ on 2026 Olympic bid in non-binding plebiscite

Article: First province past first-past-the-post? B.C. votes on electoral reform

Video: BC Electoral Reform Referendum Debate 2018

Article: Scientists Made A Mistake: The Oceans May Not Be Warming Faster After All

Article: White House has to give CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press pass back: judge

Article: Former Clinton adviser says Hillary will run in 2020

Article: United Kingdom knife crime growing to epidemic levels

Article: 'The Conners' Drops Double Digits in Post-Midterms Return

Article: New $10 bill featuring Viola Desmond goes into circulation next week

EP 113 – Marijuana, Hate Speech, Inequality

November 5th 2018

This Week: Cannabis is legal in Canada, and the word hasn't ended. Then, Statistics Canada wants your private banking data, why is the prime minister defending this action? Plus, What the term 'Revenue Neutral' really means?

Articles And Links Mentioned:

Article: Federal Government Plain Packaging Regulations Completely Disregard Consumers and Limit Product Choice

Article: Bill to pardon past pot convictions coming before the end of 2018

Article: Scheer won't commit to keeping cannabis legal if Tories form government

Article: Edmonton girl guide sells out of cookies near cannabis store

Article: Florida man charged with sending 13 pipe bombs to Trump critics

Article: Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect charged with 44 counts including hate crimes

Article: Hillary Clinton leaves door open for 2020 run: 'I'd like to be president'

Article: Stats Canada requesting banking information of 500,000 Canadians without their knowledge

Article: Trudeau promises rebates as Ottawa moves to levy carbon tax on provinces outside the climate plan

Article: Closing federal pay gap still years away under new equity plan

Article: Health Canada considering warning labels on individual cigarettes

Article: Pizzas must shrink or lose their toppings under Government anti-obesity plan

Article: Proper sexual education can help curb global overpopulation

Article: Here’s the trouble with Trudeau’s election debate plan

Article: Toronto police create first-ever missing persons unit

Article: The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Cuts Out Controversial Questions

Article: Kleenex to ditch Mansize tissues after gender inequality complaints

Article: Biological Male Wins World Championship In Women's Cycling

EP 112 - Legalizing Cannabis, Schools, and Climate Change

October 13th, 2018

This Week: The UN says we only have a few years left until climate change becomes irreversible, stop me if you've heard this one before. Then, the Ontario government exempts Sikhs from wearing motorcycle helmets, shouldn't all laws apply to everyone? Plus, as pot becomes legal, the list of rules has never been longer.

Articles And Links Mentioned:

Article: As pot becomes legal. The list of rules has never been longer

Article: Planet has only until 2030 to stem catastrophic climate change, experts warn

Article: From 1989: U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked

Article: 18 spectacularly wrong predictions made around the time of first Earth Day in 1970, expect more this year

Article: Rand Paul: 'I Really Worry That Someone Is Going to Be Killed' in This Political Climate

Article: Ontario government to exempt Sikhs from wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle

Article: Manhattan DA drops part of Harvey Weinstein case

Article: Employers feel high schools not preparing youth for the workforce: CFIB report

EP 111 - NAFTA 2.0, Kavanaugh, and Hospitals

October 8th, 2018

This Week: Ontario increases hospital funding to address overcrowding, we'll explain why this funding won't make any difference. Then, California becomes first state to require women on corporate boards, how will these companies respond? Plus, why football fans won't like the new trade deal.

Articles And Links Mentioned:

Article: Canada and U.S. reach tentative NAFTA deal

Article: Buried behind the cows and cars: key changes in NAFTA 2.0

Article: New trade deal could result in resumption of Canadian Super Bowl ads

Article: Brett Kavanaugh sworn in as Supreme Court justice

Video: Three Minutes of Senate Democratic Hypocrisy on the FBI

Article: California becomes first state to require women on corporate boards

Article: Ontario increases hospital funding by $90 million to address overcrowding

Article: Father says Grade 10 worksheet was biased against right-wing views

Article: The CAQ Wins Historic Majority In Quebec election

EP 109 - Price Gouging, Election Campaigns, And Michael Moore

September 24th, 2018

This Week: The Price gougers are out in the wake of hurricane Florence, we'll explain why price gouging is good. Then, questionable questions being asked of some political candidates, are some topics off limits to those seeking public office? Plus, If an MP crosses the floor, should there be a byelection?

Articles And Links Mentioned:

Article: Toronto election proceeding with 25 wards after court sides with province

Article: Leona Alleslev leaves Liberals, crosses floor to sit as Conservative MP

Article: Libertarians considering a merger with Bernier's People's Party

Article: 500 price gouging complaints filed in NC; gas stations being investigated

Article: Quebec Liberal Premier doubles down on notion that $75 weekly grocery bill is possible

Article: Cambridge Chamber's personal questions come under fire by candidates

Article: Federal government to consult public on banning handguns

Article: Michael Moore plots Canadian escape ahead of new documentary taking aim at Trump

Article: CBC launches news service targeted at kids