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EP 126 - SNC-Lavalin Affair, Carbon Taxes, and Beer

March 18th, 2019

This Week: The federal government is accused of covering up the SNC-Lavalin affair, but not much is being covered up. Then, Ontario is looking at banning single use plastics, and as usual, the government is too slow to react. And in Illinois, Minimum wage goes up, and jobs go down.

Articles And Links Mentioned:

Article: Liberals accused of covering up SNC Lavalin affair

Article: Confused about carbon taxes and rebates? Here’s what you need to know

Article: Ontario urging feds to legalize single event sports betting

Article: Ontario to ban cellphones in classrooms next school year

Article: Ontario government proposing ban on single-use plastics

Article: $5 beer to be offered during Blue Jays games this season

Article: North Korean election sees 99.99% turnout, state media says

Article: Minimum Wage Hikes Are Wiping Out Jobs

Article: Rapper Zuby identifies as female to smash weightlifting record