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EP 121 – Gillette, Taxi's, And Taxes

January 14th, 2019

This Week: Police can now demand a breath sample in your own home... but wait, there's more. Then, the new Gillette AD is causing a stir... which side are YOU on? Plus, are charitable tax receipts a bribe?

Articles And Links Mentioned:

Article: Police in Canada can now demand breath samples in bars, at home

Article: Returning bottles to the Beer Store? Beware of possible breath test by police

Article: Gillette ad takes on 'toxic masculinity' in #MeToo-era rebrand

Article: 5 adults, boy face more than 250 charges in taxi fare scam

Article: Theresa May's government survives no-confidence vote after Brexit defeat

Article: West Tennessee Libertarians told to stop cleanup efforts at Shiloh National Park

Article: Donating to charities shouldn’t result in tax breaks