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EP 109 – Price Gouging, Election Campaigns, And Michael Moore

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September 24th, 2018

This Week: The Price gougers are out in the wake of hurricane Florence, we'll explain why price gouging is good. Then, questionable questions being asked of some political candidates, are some topics off limits to those seeking public office? Plus, If an MP crosses the floor, should there be a byelection?

Articles And Links Mentioned:

Article: Toronto election proceeding with 25 wards after court sides with province

Article: Leona Alleslev leaves Liberals, crosses floor to sit as Conservative MP

Article: Libertarians considering a merger with Bernier's People's Party

Article: 500 price gouging complaints filed in NC; gas stations being investigated

Article: Quebec Liberal Premier doubles down on notion that $75 weekly grocery bill is possible

Article: Cambridge Chamber's personal questions come under fire by candidates

Article: Federal government to consult public on banning handguns

Article: Michael Moore plots Canadian escape ahead of new documentary taking aim at Trump

Article: CBC launches news service targeted at kids