2016 Shows

EP 056 - Price Gauging, Electoral Reform, And Trampolines

January 5th, 2016

This Week: Uber surge pricing upsets some on New Years eve, news flash... It's called supply and demand. Then, the electoral reform issue is heating up, why a referendum is absolutely necessary. Plus, Hillary Clinton says she'll close all public schools... yup she said it.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Armed Occupation Protests Federal 'Tyranny'

Article: Uber Surge Pricing Hacks Off Some New Year's Revelers

Article: Toronto Taxi Alliance Releases Customer Service Plan Ahead Of Busy New Year’s Eve

Article: Rollout of Beer sales In Grocery Stores Begins

Article: Liberals Won’t Hold Referendum On Voting Reform / Sign Petition Here

Article: Doctors Warn of 'Trampoline Ankle'

Article: Hillary Clinton Promises To Close All Schools That Aren’t “Better Than Average”

EP 057 - Cable TV Changes, Gun Registries, And Poverty

January 12th, 2016

This Week: More choice coming to your cable TV dial, but one group isn't happy about it. Then, Do firearm registries work? They don't in the state of Maryland. Then, the worlds poor say... we want capitalism.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Canada's New TV Rules Will Cost 15,000 Jobs, Erode Canadian Content, Study Argues

Article: $5M Gun Database Never Solved A Single Crime In 15 Years

Article: Poll: 30 Percent of Republicans Support Bombing Agrabah, Fictional Town Of Disney’s ‘Aladdin’

Article: World’s Poor: “We Want Capitalism”

EP 058 - Crony Capitalism, Bitcoin News, And Global Warming

January 19th, 2016

This Week: More questionable data from the global warming movement, why the temperature record can't be trusted. Then, A new energy efficient light bulb has been created, I'll tell you why we won't be seeing it on store shelves anytime soon. Plus, who are the worst polluters in society? You guessed it... Government.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Kevin O’Leary Mulls Leadership Run As Conservatives Regroup

Article: NOAA Relies On ‘Compromised’ Thermometers That Inflate US Warming Trend

Article: MIT Researchers Develop Energy Efficient Incandescent Light Bulbs

Article: Prominent Bitcoin Developer Declares the Digital Currency a Failure

Article: Governments Are the Worst Polluters

EP 059 - Legalizing Marijuana, Lazy Police, And Eco Hypocrites

January 26th, 2016

This Week: Canada's push to legalize marijuana has hit a road block, I'll give you the dubious details. Then, that speeding ticket you once got might not be legitimate, I'll tell you why. Plus, Leonardo DiCaprio rips the greedy oil industry, let's take a look at his lavish lifestyle shall we?

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Canada Needs Permission From International Treaties to Legalize Marijuana

Article: Federal Government Orders Study Into Long-Term Effects Of Oil Slump

Article: Inconsistent Radar Testing Casts Doubt On Validity Of Millions Of Speeding Tickets

Article: Leonardo DiCaprio Rips Big Oil At World Economic Forum

Article: Old Music Is Outselling New Music For The First Time In History

EP 060 - Election Fraud, The Flint Water Crisis, And Superbowl Prop Bets

February 2nd, 2016

This Week: Did the Liberals win the October election Illegally? More details are starting to emerge. Plus, The flint water crisis, why are we rewarding bad behavior? And we take a look at this year's Superbowl prop bets.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Welcome to Flint: Don't drink the water!

Article: Michael Moore: Don't Send Bottled Water to Flint

Article: Flint’s State Employees Got Clean Water—A Year Before Everyone Else

Article: Union Members Earned $100 Each To Smile For Trudeau

Article: Rebel Media KICKED OUT Of Alberta Royalty Review Meeting

Article: Super Bowl 2016 Odds: Popular Prop Bets For Broncos vs. Panthers

EP 061 - FACS Fraud, The Free State Project, And Pay Equity

February 9th, 2016

This Week: Hundreds of adoptions in Ontario have been put on hold, why aren't we hearing the whole story? Then, should a fast food worker earn as much as a doctor? Some people think so. Plus, why next year's Super Bowl will include all the commercials.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Free State Project Officially Announces 20,000 Signers: 100% Reached

Article: Bell Media Braces For U.S. Advertising Blitz During Next Year’s Super Bowl Thanks To CRTC Ruling

Article: Hundreds Of Ontario Adoptions On Hold While Commission Reviews Motherisk Cases

Article: Fast Food Worker’s Logic Why She Should Earn as Much as Paramedics

Article: Oops! Cops Mistakenly Kick In Opera Singer's Door

Article: Trump Gets Booed At The Republican Debate Over Support For Eminent Domain

EP 062 - Broken Promises, Climate Science, And Celebrity Endorsements

February 23rd, 2016

This Week: We've been told that the science is settled, now that statement comes back to bite scientists in Australia. Then, your local MP wants Friday's off, will their salary be reduced too? I doubt it. Celebrity political endorsements are starting to come in. Is this a smart move or career suicide?

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Free State Project Officially Announces 20,000 Signers: 100% Reached

Article: Trudeau Shies Away From Liberals' Balanced-Budget Vow, Cites Fading Economy

Article: MPs Want Friday Off? Forget It!

Article: The Science Is Settled, So Australia Will Fire 100 Climate Scientists

Article: Trump Calls For Apple Boycott

Article: Why Growing Apathy About News Is A Problem For Trudeau, Too

EP 063 - The Legacy Of Harry Browne

March 1st, 2016

This Week: We pay tribute to 2 time presidential candidate Harry Browne.

EP 064 - International Women's Day, Carbon Taxes, And Pick And Pay TV

March 8th, 2016

This Week: It's international Women's Day, this gender wage gap myth needs a smackdown. Then, the Ontario PC party now favours a carbon tax, congratulations you just lost the next election. Plus, we hear that obesity is a problem... but is it really?

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: 'One Day I Will': International Women's Day Celebrates Past, Aspires To Future

Article: Patrick Brown Says He Supports Putting A Price On Carbon

Video: Ontario PC Leader's Patrck Brown's Keynote Speech

Article: Senators Urge New Sugar Tax, Ad Ban To Combat Obesity In Canada

Article: BMI Is Wrong: Millions Of Healthy Americans Labeled Obese

Article: Bell’s TV Starter Package Is Now Only $25... But Will Anyone Want It?

EP 065 - NDP Leadership Review, Distracted Driving, Government Healthcare

March 15th, 2016

This Week: The OPP claim that distracted driving is the number one killer on our roads, but the REAL # 1 killer is something that no one ever talks about. Then, Sweden is upgrading to private healthcare, is it time for Canada to do the same? Plus, we have a list of weird Canadian laws you might be breaking.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Trump Supporters, Protesters Clash After Chicago Rally Postponed

Article: Leftist Party Members Escalate Calls To Replace Tom Mulcair As NDP Leader

Article: Distracted Driving Biggest Cause Of Road Deaths In 2015: OPP

Article: Sweden Is Upgrading to Private Healthcare

Article: 16 Weird Canadian Laws That You Might Be Breaking

EP 066 - Buying Local, Electoral Reform, And Amber Alerts

March 22nd, 2016

This Week: We've got the numbers for Earth Hour, and the future is looking dim. Then, Ketchup-Gate has taken the country by storm, is buying local really better for the economy? Plus, the Amber Alert system in this country needs some improvement.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Slightly Fewer Torontonians Switch Off Power For Earth Hour

Article: Trudeau Appoints Seven New Senators

Article: Supporters of Tom Mulcair Speak Out As Knives Sharpen For NDP Leader

Article: French's Ketchup Was 'Cannibalizing' Sales Of PC Brand: Loblaw Memo

Blog: Canada's Alert Ready System Needs Improvement

Article: Despite 5-Month Delay, Liberals Say They’ll Hit Electoral Reform Deadline

Article: Consumer Groups Demand CRTC Address Complaints Over 'So Lame' $25 Basic TV Packages

EP 067 - The Federal Budget, Ontario's Sunshine List, And Sports Betting

March 29th, 2016

This Week: Trudeau's first budget is out, we run down the winners and the losers. Then, 3,700 Hydro One employees no longer included on Ontario's Sunshine list, did the list get bigger or smaller? Plus, the Ghomeshi trial, we MIGHT have believed the women... had they not lied under oath.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Winners And Losers Of The 2016 Federal Budget

Article: Jian Ghomeshi Trial: Former CBC Radio Host Found Not Guilty Of All Charges

Article: Poll Finds Less Confidence In Justice System Following Ghomeshi Verdict

Article: Ontario’s Sunshine List, 2016: Public-Sector Salaries That Topped $100K Last Year

Article: Gender Trouble: Ontario’s Sunshine List Reveals Men Come Out On Top, Even In The Public Service

Article: Doug Ford's Heart 'Ripped Out' By Brother Rob's Death

Article: Gary Johnson Gets Double-Digits In Recent Presidential Poll

Article: DraftKings And FanDuel Agree To Stop Paid Contests In New York

EP 068 - NDP Leadership Review, MP Pay Hikes, And Libertarian Debate Analysis

April 5th, 2016

This Week: A city council in Ontario doesn't want to hear from taxpayers, unfortunately this looks like a growing trend. Then, we'll analyze last week's nationally Televised libertarian debate. Plus, get out that eraser, we are going to re-write some news headlines.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: MPs, Senators Get Pay Hike As Canadians Struggle With Stagnant Wages, Rising Unemployment

Article: Minister Of Small Business Isn't For For The Job

Article: Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne Doesn't Deny Possible Prorogation

Article: Justin Trudeau Swarmed While Greeting Locals At Halifax Farmer's Market

Article: Stossel’s Libertarian debate highlights the good…and bad of the third party option

Article: Woolwich Moves To Limit Delegations From Speaking At Meetings

Article: Government Credit Card Used For Spas, Restaurants

Article: Election Campaign Strategy Has Left NDP Vulnerable: Party Post-Mortem

EP 069 - The NDP Convention, UBER, And The U.S. Election

April 12th, 2016

This Week: The NDP are ousting leader Tom Mulcair, I'll tell you why this is a huge mistake. Then, According a new poll, Canadians don't think the rich are paying their fair share, but were the pollsters even asking the right questions? Plus, Trump might not be the Republican nominee, an idea that was unthinkable just a few weeks ago.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: NDP Votes 52% In Favour of Holding Leadership Race: Thomas Mulcair Is Out

Video: You Won't Believe What We Saw In Socialist Venezuela

Article: Toronto’s Taxi Drivers Get Fewer Regulations, Uber To Get More

Article: 81% Say Rich Not Paying Their Fair Share

Article: Stossel Debate Offers Libertarians a Way to Make Their Ideas

Article: Trump Expected To Be 50-100 Delegates Short At Convention

EP 070 - North Carolina LGBT Law Boycott, Government Spying, And Privileged Politicians

April 19th, 2016

This Week: Is your local government spying on you? They are in at least one Ontario city. Then, the North Carolina boycott list is growing, I'll tell you why some of these boycotters are hypocrites. Plus, want a sneak peak of the the Game of Thrones? Just ask President Obama... he has a copy.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Boycotts Over Transgender Bathroom Laws Expose Left’s Hypocrisy

Article: Hamilton Using Google Maps To Spy On Bylaw Violators

Article: Woolwich Council Won’t Block Speakers

Article: Venezuela Will Literally Change The Clocks Due To Energy Crisis

Article: Bill Nye, "Science Guy," Open to Jail Time for Climate Change Skeptics

Article: Forest Growth Accelerating In B.C. Due To Carbon Dioxide 'Fertilizer Effect'

Article: Obama Gets New 'Game of Thrones' Before You

EP 071 - Manitoba Election, Earth Day, And Marijuana Legislation

May 3rd, 2016

This Week: The NDP are out in Manitoba, we'll run down the numbers. Then, Marijuana will become legal... a year from now, why not right now? Plus, hydro prices are gong in on Ontario... you won't believe why.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Conservatives Win Big Majority In Manitoba Election

Article: Declined Ballots In Manitoba Election Reach Record Numbers

Article: Liberals To Unveil Marijuana Legislation Next Year

Article: Warm Winter To Blame For Hydro Hike

Article: Veteran Frustrated By Paperwork To Prove He Still Has No Legs

EP 072 - Fort McMurray Fires, The Census, And Canadian Culture

May 10th, 2016

This Week: It's shaping up to be a Trump-Hilary battle, fortunately third party options are growing. Then, roadside breathalyzer tests come under fire in Ontario, when will police be held to a higher standard? Plus, is Canada the best country in the world? We'll have some fun debunking some tweets.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Libertarian Party Registrations Double After Cruz Drops Out

Article: Canada's Census Is Back And Canadians Are Losing Their S**t

Article: Door-To-Door Mail Delivery Could Return After Canada Post Review

Article: SURVEY: 70% Of Retailers ‘Overwhelmed’ By Regulations

Article: Widely Used Breathalyzer Deemed Inaccurate By Ontario Judge

Article: Medical Errors May Be 3rd Leading Cause Of Death In U.S.

Article: A Teen Tweeted An Insane Storm Of Reasons Why “Canada Is Better Than America”

EP 073 - Electoral Reform, TV Regulation, And #PrayForSophie

May 24th, 2016

This Week: The federal government is moving ahead with electoral reform, will they consult with Canadians? Then, the largest annual protest in Ottawa gets zero news coverage, why is this? Plus, the Atlanta Falcons are privatizing their stadium concessions, and the results are fabulous.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Sophie Trudeau Faces Backlash After Revealing She Needs More Staff

Article: Trudeau Government Moves To Create Committee On Electoral Reform

Article: Poll: 73% of Canadians Want National Referendum on Electoral Reform

Article: Maxime Bernier Officially Launches Bid for Tory Leadership

Article: Thousands Take Over Downtown Ottawa For National March For Life

Article: Ottawa Examines Proposal To Give Workers Right To Seek Flex Time

Article: As Complaints Pile Up, CRTC Launches Surprise Review Of $25 Basic TV Packages

Article: Here's How Cheap The Atlanta Falcons Will Sell Hotdogs And Beer For After Moving To A Stadium Not Run By The State

EP 074 - #CPC16, Childhood Obesity, And Social Justice Warriors

May 31st, 2016

This Week: The Trudeau Liberals pull a prank at the Conservative convention, and the media fell for it too. Then, the Libertarian party has picked it's nominee for the 2016 election, but was Gary Johnson the right choice? Plus, what's the REAL reason politicians favour a $15/hr minimum wage?

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Conservative Convention 2016: Party Axes Policy Against Same-Sex Marriage

Article: Just Who Does Urz Heer Work For?

Article: Gary Johnson Wins Libertarian Nomination

Article: University SILENCES conservative speaker; it backfires IMMEDIATELY

Article: A 29-Year-Long Study Shows Cell Phones Don’t Cause Cancer

Article: Study Shows Michelle O’s Anti-Obesity Campaign Is Failing To Make Kids Any Less Obese

Article: New Child Benefit Could Pose Pitfalls For Divorced Couples

Article: Gov. Brown Admits $15 Minimum Wage Does Not Make Economic Sense, Approves It Anyway

Article: Children’s Aid Societies Not Always Making Abuse Checks, Auditor Finds

EP 075 - The Orlando Shooting, Electoral Reform, And Trump

June 14th, 2016

This Week: Another mass shooting in America, we'll shoot down some anti-gun myths. Then the Government shuffles the chairs on their electoral reform committee, but the Liberals STILL have a majority of seats. Plus, Cheri DiNovo will be next leader of the federal NDP, we'll tell you how we know.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: 4 Pro-Gun Arguments We're Sick of Hearing

Article: It's 'Tax Freedom Day': Now Start Working For Yourself

Article: Liberals Wave White Flag On Electoral Reform Committee

Article: Liberals Want To Charge Canadians To Attend Electoral Reform Town Halls, Tories Allege

Article: Canadians Still Evenly Split On Electoral Reform Referendum

Article: Obama Officially Endorses Clinton For President

Article: Donald Trump Revokes Washington Post Press Credentials

Article: Pan Am Games $342M Over Budget But Fat Bonuses Still Given

Article: Ontario Politician Cheri DiNovo ‘Unofficial’ Candidate For Federal NDP Leader

Article: Bernier Says CRTC Should Get Out Of Telecom Business

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EP 076 - CPP Reform, Guaranteed Basic Income, And Political Buzz Words

June 21st, 2016

This Week: The feds and provinces are working on CPP reform, can we just admit that the CPP is a pyramid scheme already? Then, Switzerland's voters reject a plan for a guaranteed basic income, this is an example everyone should follow. Plus, Some words of wisdom from the great George Carlin.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Feds, Some Provinces Agree On CPP Reform, But Not Quebec Or Manitoba

Article: Statistics Canada Says Underground Economy Totalled $45.6 Billion In 2013

Article: $85M Grant For Chrysler Not Corporate Welfare, Wynne Says

Article: Switzerland's Voters Reject Basic Income Plan

EP 077 - The Brexit Vote, Toll Lanes, And Solar Energy

June 28th, 2016

This Week: The Brexit vote, why this is a victory for freedom. Then, StatsCan says It's trying to save your life, I say it's an excuse for bigger government. Plus, our thoughts on last week's CNN town hall with Gary Johnson.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Brexit May Be The Start Of Something Big

Video: Brexit: The Movie

Article: MP Electoral Reform Town Halls Not Mandatory

Article: QEW Toll Lanes Will Debut Sept. 15 - At $180 For 3 Months

Article: Poll: Wynne Hits New Ratings Low

Video: CNN Libertarian Town Hall

Article: 18% Of Bernie's Voters Say They'll Back Gary Johnson

Article: Argos Bring Tailgating To Toronto! But Liquor Bureaucrats Poop On The Party

Article: StatsCan Is Trying To Save Your Life

Article: Nevada Penalizes Solar Energy Users With A Hefty 40% Tax

Video: Social Justice Musical 'Come Be PC' Perfectly Mocks EVERYTHING About Leftist SJWs

EP 078 - Electoral Reform Debate

July 5th, 2016

This Week: We present audio of a recent debate on electoral reform.

EP 079 - Electoral Reform, Political Plagiarism, And Money In Politics

July 19th, 2016

This Week: Still no sign of these electoral town halls, now the government says... meh just organize it yourself. Plus, Did Melania Trump plagiarize a speech, I'll give you my take. Then, 40% of Canadians say they're not saving enough for retirement, why is this?

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: A Short History Of Political Plagiarism

Article: Four Out Of 10 Canadians Say They're Not Saving Enough For Retirement

Article: NCC Apologizes For Shutting Down Kid-Run Lemonade Stand

Article: Canadians Claim Statistics Canada Harassing Them After Completing Census

Article: Minister Unveils 38-Page Event ‘Toolkit’ To Involve Average Canadians In Reforming Electoral System

Article: Hillary Clinton Will Push Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United

Article: D.B. Cooper Investigation -- Unsolved -- Is Over After 45 Years, FBI Says

EP 081 - US Election Debates, Government Grants To Business, And Media

August 9th, 2016

This Week: You can now order alcohol online from the Ontario Government, but more efficient private sector alternatives have been in place for years. Then, Does Government funding REALLY help small business? Plus, Hilary Clinton is going to raise taxes on the middle class, yup... that's what she said!

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Debate Commission May “Give An Inch” to 3rd Party for 15%

Article: LCBO Launches Online Sales, Home Delivery

Article: Animation Studio, Awarded $23M In Provincial Funding, Declares Bankruptcy

Article: Real Estate Is About The Only Thing Propping Up Canada’s Economy Right Now

Article: AM Radio Station CKSL Turning In Its Licence

Article: Communist Party Unites Behind Hillary

Article: Liberals Say Their Candidate Not Given Advantage By Knowing Date Of Byelection

Article: When The PM Is Threatened Online The RCMP Investigates, Average Users Aren’t So Fortunate

Article: Crowd Cheers Clinton's Call To 'Raise Taxes On The Middle Class'

EP 082 - Home Inspectors, Minimum Wage, And Climate Change

August 23rd, 2016

This Week: Inspecting the inspectors, will Ontario's push to regulate home inspectors REALLY protect consumers? Then, marijuana legislation is starting to take shape, and it isn't pretty. Plus, Don't call it a comeback it's been here for years, global COOLING is on the horizon.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Ontario To Regulate Home Inspectors

Article: Health Canada Sets Rules For Patients Wanting To Grow Their Own Marijuana

Article: Canada To Pardon All Pot Prisoners

Article: Lethbridge Pub Owner Considers Cutting Staff By 50% To Combat Minimum Wage Hike

Video: Jesse Ventura: How About a MAXIMUM Wage?

Article: Kitchener Closer To Ban On Feeding Wildlife

Article: Scientist Sees Global Cooling Ahead

Article: Media Releasing The Rob Ford Video After His Death Is Disgusting

Article: Gawker.com Announces It Is Shutting Down

Article: Gary Johnson Backs CO2 ‘Fee’ To Fight Global Warming

EP 083 - Private Healthcare, Hillary's Health, And Trusting Government

September 13th, 2016

This Week: A Poll claims Canadians trust in Government is on the rise, this poll is complete bogus and I'll tell you why. Then, Private healthcare in B.C.? It may be happening. Plus, want to know who will the U.S. presidency?... just look to the stock market.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: The Trudeau Effect? Canadians' Trust In Government Rising

Article: Private Health Care Could Improve Hospitals For All: B.C. Lawsuit

Article: Analysis: Early Thoughts on Hillary's Health Incident

Article: Statistics Canada celebrates 'best census since 1666'

Article: Kitchener Ban On Feeding Wildlife Targets Nuisance Feeders

Article: German Right-Wing Leader Backs Citizens' Right To Arm Themselves

Article: The Stock Market Has Predicted The Outcome Of Presidential Elections With 86 Percent Accuracy

Article: Proof! Media Lied About Trump Mocking Disabled Reporter

Article: Poll: Only One In 5 Canadians Aware Of Electoral Reform Process

Article: Climate Change Wonks: Maybe We Should Protect Our Kids By Not Having Them

Article: Doctors Say Pot-Smoking Should Be Banned For Canadians Under 21

EP 084 - Minimum Wage, Electoral Reform, And The Canadian Healthcare System

October 18th, 2016

This Week: Conflict of interest in Ontario... should the government be deciding who gets to take water from a well? Then, my experience at our local electoral reform meeting. Plus, Trump is right about one thing... the Canadian healthcare system is sub par.

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Ontario Urged To Deny Nestle Water Taking Permit At Well Wanted By Town

Article: Alberta’s Notley Says Minimum Wage Increases Timely, Will Not Lead To Job Losses

Article: Canadians Want Electoral Reform But Don't Know How

Article: Starbucks Adding Calorie Counts To Its Menu Across Canada

Article: Canada Post Should Deliver Marijuana If It Wants To Stay Alive: Report

Article: Democrats Were Worried About Rand Paul, Leaked Email Reveals

Article: Canada Is The Fifth Most Economically Free Country; But Ontario, Ottawa And Alberta Are Endangering That

Article: More Than 45,000 Canadians Sought Medical Treatment Outside The Country

EP 085 - Electoral Reform, Scalper Bots, And Socialism

October 25th, 2016

This Week: Is the federal government backtracking on a major election promise? Some indications point to yes. Then, Ontario is pushing to ban scalper bots, I'll tell you why this plan won't work. Plus, is the US election rigged?

Articles and Links Mentioned:

Article: Trudeau Taking Heat For Walking Back On Electoral Reform

Article: 'Scalper Bots' That Scoop Up Concert Tickets To Be Outlawed In Ontario

Article: US Presidential Debate: Trump Won't Commit To Accept Election Result

Article: Internet Price Hikes Could Be Coming As Ottawa Reviews Cultural Policy, Critics Warn

Article: Local TV News Coverage More Important Than Station Finances, Says CRTC Chair

Article: Venezuelan Government: No Food (What's Left Of It) For Those Who Criticize Us

Article: Progress Report On Justin Trudeau’s Election Campaign Promises, One Year Later